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Mary Ryan
Mary M. Ryan LMT
Advanced Myofascial
Release Therapist

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1. Make an appointment by contacting:

2. Or call direct:
96 East Main Street
Rockaway, NJ 07866

96 Main Street

Study Group Information:

This Study Group serves the reaches of Eastern PA/Western-Central-Northern-Eastern NJ/NYC and Southern bend of NYS

Sunday: Sunday April 28th
Time: 1PM - 4PM
Where: 96 East Main Street, Rockaway, NJ
Myofascial Release Therapy

***For GPS and other navigational tools: Put in: Rockaway Borough Public Library, East Main Street or Thomas Jefferson Elementary School West Main Street

Registration: $25.00

Please call to RSVP:
O# 1-973-891-1733 / C# 1-862-324-4121

• Bring appropriate clothes to receive treatment technique(s)

• Yes, bring a table if you have one.

• Bring your loving heart, your open mind, your essence and don't forget your fascia!

• What keeps coming up for you (in applying or resisting) when you are sharing the John F. Barnes MFR Approach?

• This is what Study Group is all about; to search with an inquisitive mind connecting with like-minded people

• By having attended a JFB-MFR I Seminar you are invited to meet & greet & learn with each other

• Before the start of SG: as a group; it is nice, to sit, breathe with and into and through our bodies

• As a completion to SG time: it is nice, to sit, breathe with and into and through our bodies

• Give & Receive treatment techniques

• Coffee & tea are served throughout Study Group time

• Please do not respond on the MFRTALK.COM chat line but through this e-mail

Love, Mary Ryan, LMT

Thank you for considering Myofascial Release Therapy as a choice on your journey to feeling better, feeling alive, feeling pain free, getting your life back.

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