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At the Center your life will return to the things
that are important to you.
Not the pain that you were told,
“you have to live with.”

Hello and Welcome,

Getting through these tough economic times can be tough.
It can be tough on our bodies. And on our minds too.
That is why a healthcare approach that is safe, gentle,
and cost effective is so important to have.

Just for a moment, inhale a slow, deep, breath.
Now, let out a slow exhaling breath.
Feel the difference in your body wherever you feel it.

What goals would you like to achieve in order to feel better,
feel alive, feel pain free and get your life back?
The "one size fits all" at most therapeutic, wellness and clinical establishments is not applied here because each person has specific issues, needs, goals.

The average client who seeks care at The Center For Therapeutic Bodywork, comes in for a variety of reasons,
mostly though, for help with complex chronic pain problems which have not been addressed through traditional therapies, medical or surgical.

See how you might compare to the average client.

• Do you feel exhausted or run down much of the time?
• Have you been told you have to "live with the pain"?
• Have you been told the pain "is in your head"?
• Have you had traditional; MRI's, CAT Scans, X-rays
    taken that are inconclusive?
• Have you tried traditional therapies with little or no relief?
    Or have you felt worse?
• Have you tried other interventions without successful results?
• Have you had surgery (ies) for your problem but the
    pain is still there?
• Have you tried different pain medications or injections
    that did not help?
• Have you had to alter your lifestyle because of your pain?
• Do you have restrictions within your range of motion?
• Have you or your insurance company spent thousands of     dollars with little or no relief of your pain?

Working with a highly effective approach developed by physical therapist, John F. Barnes, the John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach is different because it works.

Working with this type of approach enables the benefits to
be felt much more effectively, sooner, hence much more cost effective for you.

Thank you for considering The Center For Therapeutic Bodywork, LLC as a choice on your journey to feeling better, feeling alive, feeling pain free, getting your life back.

© 2009 Copyright Center for Therapuetic Bodywork, LLC.

Did you know?

Pain is a highly personal experience. The degree to which it interferes with the quality of a person's life is also highly personal.
--The American Pain Association

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