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How To Feel the Full Effect
During and After Your Session

On the day of your appointment.

This is a whole body hands-on approach applied directly to the skin without the use of oils or lotions. Please bathe on the day of your Sessions. For you to receive the full effectiveness of this approach, skin contact must be able to be maintained so please try to refrain from using lotions/oils/creams. These products make it difficult to maintain good skin contact.

Listen to your body.
Before, during, and, after your treatment.

Make note of any areas of redness, tenderness, tightness, or tingling in your body. Sometimes when a person comes in presenting an exact area of pain, that area may start to show a path to where the original cause is.

Redefine your general idea of "Pain."

Become aware of the "sensation" occurring in your body. Remember pain is a message your body is sending to you. Learning simple breathing techniques, will allow you to soften into the pain.

Breathe into the areas of sensations.

Take slow deep breaths. As you breathe, imagine you are inhaling into the pain area then exhale through this area. This type of breathing puts you in touch with your body and thereby enhances your body awareness.

Unwind. Allow your body to move.

As movement is occurring, fascial restrictions are being released. This is allowing your subconscious holding patterns within your mind-body complex to experience the deepest authentic releases imaginable.

It is okay to express emotions experienced during or after your treatment session with your therapist.

The fascial system holds emotions in the body in the form of pain that may be preventing you from healing. Often by expressing these emotions, sounds, the pain will decrease and you will feel yourself healing.

Let your therapist know what is going on. Communicate with your therapist.

Whatever you are feeling or experiencing; images, memories, even silly, perhaps unrelated things that may seem embarrassing. Sharing with your therapist can help as a guide to the source of your pain.

Set goals.

Visualize achieving your goal. Picturing yourself enjoying an activity which may currently be difficult for you, is a wonderful visual. Establish a realistic time frame for this goal to be reached. If your goal is not completed in that time, that is okay. Stay focused. Give yourself permission to see and feel the differences in your body today from where you started in your first Session.

Remain focused.

Authentic healing does not follow a nice, neat linear path. Neither did the physical nor even the unresolved emotional injuries. You may experience set backs. This can be frustrating. However, it is part of the healing process. Usually it means you are that much closer to reaching your goal! Keep focused on your goal and allow yourself to feel the progress you have already experienced through each treatment session.

Self-treatment is very important.

Keep the healing continuing between appointments. You and I together will go over various self treatment techniques so you can continue to keep releasing restrictive patterns and replace them with healthy ones. What is so empowering by learning these self treatment techniques is that you are able to continue beyond our time together.

Drink WATER.

Our bodies are made up of 70% water! So it is important to stay hydrated. Part of the amazing fascial system is the gliding aspect it has to keep us moving. Drinking 1-2, 8 oz to 16 oz of water after your session will help your body rid any toxins that were released during your treatment.

Thank you for considering Myofascial Release Therapy as a choice on your journey to feeling better, feeling alive, feeling pain free, getting your life back.

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Dear Mary,
“...I felt part of my body Relax for the First Time....”
S.J. Rockaway Twp. NJ

There is a valuable distinction between standard MFR and the John F. Barnes Approach. JFB-MFR is gentle to allow you, with your body, to have deeper releases. Hence, authentic healing.

“Force does not heal.” “Find the pain, look elsewhere for the cause.”

-John F. Barnes P.T.

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