Myofascial Release Therapy
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Myofascial Release Therapy

Mary Ryan with John Barnes
Mary M. Ryan LMT
Advanced Myofascial
Release Therapist

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Myofascial Release Therapy
offers the Myofascial Release Approach
as developed by John F. Barnes P.T.

"We need to open up the body. Because it's through the body that we get in touch with our spirit and mind.
That's when healing and growth occur. It seems to be the missing link in other therapies."

-John F. Barnes P.T.

Hello and Welcome,

"Experiencing the many on going benefits received from this phenomenal Approach for real healing has continued to positively affect me everyday of my life. (See Mary's Testimony Page) So much so, I have opened my doors to share with others an Approach as authentic as you are. I invite you in, to let go, heal and live again pain free."   - Mary Ryan

The "One Size Fits All" treatments at most therapeutic, wellness establishments are not applied here. Mary's empathic nature allows her to uniquely meet each person where they are. Mary is with you, in private sessions, one-on-one.

• Have you been told you have to, "live with the pain"?
• Are traditional MRI's, CAT Scans, EMG's and X-rays inconclusive?
• Are traditional therapies offering little or no relief?
• Have you had surgery but the pain is still there?
• How many different pain medications have you received that have not helped?
• Has your lifestyle changed because of pain?

One of the many benefits you receive here is to be able to address the many different layers of pain release, safely throughout your mind and body. The John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach truly helps a person authentically get their life back again with a whole new awareness!

Thank you for considering Myofascial Release Therapy as a choice on your journey to feeling better, feeling alive, feeling pain free, getting your life back.

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Fascial Movement
“ Find the pain, look elsewhere for the cause.”
- John F. Barnes, PT

Could fascial restriction be the source of your pain?
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